‘Twilight ambush’

Pen on paper. Tainted Ink press 2011 ”Twilight ambush‘ Pen on paper 9×12.

The Wraith are camped just East of the Wide Range on their way to deliver the Emperors ambassadors to the High King of E’quila in hopes of negotiating a marriage.

Along the peculiar journey, the Wraith cross swords with a rouge band of Low mountain Orcs determined to have  the Wraith as easy pickings.

The ferocious well arm hoard of marauding Orcs are pleasantly surprised to find a most deadly challenge clashing with them on a gray damp field. Narrowly defeated, the remaining Orcs are sent running into the woods broken and scattered.

The wraith push on till evening and decided to camp to give the aging ambassadors a chance to rest, and stretch their legs after being jostled about for days on end in a carriage loaded with their trappings, and slow going roads, soaked with snow melt.

Here we find siraj armed with a mean looking weapon and a stark naked Dux glowering straight out her of her pavilion and into the pale purple of her twilight camp, beside an equally bare Siraj.

Orcs have snuck into the camp to wreak havoc on the ‘sleeping’ camp and he’s clearly up to an easy challenge after cavorting with Aurora.