Slave to the paint.

‘The Crypt’ ~ Acrylic on recycled canvas.First layout in acrylic.

This piece is in progress. The painting and laying  down of color is still on going and can change pretty rapidly. I find that I ‘sculpt’ with paint. I tend to move the paint on the canvas, I “push paint”.

I can be  a little impatient with some aspects of my work. I have a habit of painting my subjects face, I hate staring at an ’empty’ canvas with some sibilance to a character. With a pair of eyes, a nose and animated lips I can hear the painting’s story.

Advancing in color.When I paint the work is always evolving and I will have multiple layers of paint. If you were to look at my paintings sideways, you’d see a well defined texture.




This painting in particular is one of the loosest acrylics I’ve done with any of the characters. I’ve been lending a great deal of trust to my brush. I’ve rediscovered painting free hand.

It wasn’t until I wasn’t afraid of not screwing up my style loosened. I had a fantastic art professor and she once refused me any brush less than half an inch thick.

She saw that I was far advanced in my eye, and in my expertise as an artist, but I needed to loosen up. At this point I was transitioning out of the Military, and going back to school full time. Her forcing me to loosen up by painting broader larger stokes transcended into my own life, and work.

Sometimes you must follow the broad strokes of life and find the beauty in a picture less defined.

Here we find Aurora trapped in the crypt of lost Kings deep in the Northern borders. Spurned than betrayed, she is left in the decrepit crumbling crypt with the massive ancient doors locked.

From the outside.

Aurora is forced to hold back a never ending onslaught of cadaver dragging corpses awakening from the chambers broken enchanted seal.