Sex, drugs and rock trolls.

In my constant strides to grow as a person and experiment as a writer, I have found that I have a very ambiguous comfort zone. What a one time might had made me shudder to say aloud I write in verse and poetically.

I’m talking about sex, drugs and yes rock trolls. The epitaph of most fantasy, ancient chivalry, the retelling of the same thousand tails, good vs evil, the delight in the justice and the copulation of it’s heroines win.

Tainted ink Press 2009In real life, its not so easy nor so smooth, and this is why I have delved so deep into a subject rarely whispered past the bed room or the lips of ladies gathered around wine and a fire place. Sex happens, everyday and every where,and to with hold it from any writing is unbelievable, narcissistic and just stupid. Fortunately I’m surrounded by powerful strong women who know what and how they like things. Dulling the edge of taboo leaving me with some much needed breathing room. To stretch my writing like wings, be they white with soft downy feathers, or wrapped in a leather texture reserved for bats and ancient dragons.

Sex is often swept under the bed, or illusions of shadowy figures lost to each other behind a drawn shade. The after math is usually found by the reader, carelessly strung about clothes, disheveled lovers passed out, snoozing. But life doesn’t snooze,( save for some lazy Sundays) nor does sex, well good sex at least. Even bad sex doesn’t cause your lids to droop, but any real study of sex and erotica in modern fantasy these days would be a change for the better.

I feel that I am a connoisseur of fantasy and a great deal of writing. As an adult I’ve returned to the reading of my high school years, surprised by the heavily erotic undertones of my favorite child hood works. And others, I’ve put away in disgust and embarrassment that I some how thought this was acceptable to read. ( Like watching reruns of He-Man or Pirates of Black Water) I’ve shuddered at some of the careless writing, making most of the heroines I once had raised my eyes to in admiration, appear to be nothing more then empty vapid vaginas.

So when approaching sex in my own writing I take a personal and voyeuristic perspective. I have to take a step backwards and exam my material much deeper. For an author who has written hundred of thousands of words I found my fingers cramping at the subject. To loosen my quill I sought the expertise of a few authors, including our own Maeve Bandruid. She offered me a singularly fantastic book “How to Write a Dirty Story.” by Susie Bright is a fantastic example of how to let go of old preconceived notions on such a stiff subject.

With a new weapon in my arsenal I’ve gone back to the drawing board and took a moment to ask the knitty gritty questions.

“Who fucks who and why?”

This made me stop,think and write. I pulled out my pen, paper and made my character list systematically pouring over each individual I began to draw lines from one character to the next  and work out who was with who? And and again the all important question :Why?

Prisma color on heavy paper. 24x36
Siraj courts trouble.

In order to have believable flowing relationships, and sexual at that the characters need ties, emotional, physical and chemical. If only one is involved they are doomed to fail, unless that’s the ketch you’re looking for. Fail and boom the characters, which in all is a fantastic strategy. But in this sense we want them to succeed as painful as some of the process may become. But isn’t that what it’s all about? Rebirth and growth?

When fashioning a couple, draw on their weakness along with their strengths, a great set of breast and a wild smile isn’t going to be enough for the reader, nor a faceless stud. To remedy the late night spice channel feeling from a scene in your works try this as you create your entire litany from page one on. Back story, back story…did I mention back story? An audience wants to be enraptured by the same silk as your lovers. And to do this you have to make them want to care. As my one of my favorite authors Ken Follet said

“For success, the author must make the reader care about the destiny of the principals, and sustain this anxiety, or suspense, for about 100,000 words.”

Upon closer examination, and a few pit stops, I noticed that I was much further in my literary erotic escapades then I could have ever imagined.  With out giving away any plot burners I can say, ‘Wow, these guys are no prudes’. What gives theme their sensuality and sexuality?

Perhaps it is the notion of their era, or the desperation of their world’s times? What ever the reason nothing is left sacred, sex is a refuge of exertion and passion, love, rejection, acceptance. What better way to regroup with the world after running from a hoard of Orcs, or a tribe of Blithe goblins? And narrowly surviving a Great Wyrms wrath?

Indulging in the most basic of life’s needs, food, sex and a free mind!

There is a tango of love between many and oh what a web I have woven.  But again how does one express on paper the feelings of two characters, or three in some cases for the sights of one?