‘Twilight Awakening’ hold your breath!

 ‘Twilight Awakening’, an anticipated follow up to ‘Twilight calling’  is in print and coming off the shelves faster than an amber rum at a pirate burlesque.  San Diego native, Maeve Bandruid finished up the final painful task of copy edit and print finals. I’m thrilled to say I have a copy in my grasp now and once the work is done will be nose deep in the finished novel.

Maeve’s work is not your typical hum drum fantasy, or romance. It’s a story of deeper passions that go past the physical uncertainties of this existence while drawing us along breathlessly waiting with eyes wide and aching from hours of unbriddled reading . Will she make it?

Don’t expect to find the handsome bloodsuckers that fear the light for ambiguously weak reason, but fear the inner daemon that stirs when the language of ancients tingles over your flesh, selfishly pulling you deeper and deeper into the twisted drama of beings far stranger, yet not unlike our foolish mortal selves.

Without any further escapades of literacy chatter, I present to you…

‘Twilight Awakening…’

"Nothing is learned in Perfection"- Maeve Bandruid

 ” A month has passed since Raina’s world was altered forever…
The screams of a future tragedy are filling her dreams as both Numb and Gifted alike are haunted by the sorrow of lost souls. Aidan has become Raina’s sanctuary, for it is only in his arms that the pleas for help are muffled.
Jagur and Lara have left Raina’s side, one for parts unknown and the other dwells within Haven, the gathering place of the Lang.
As the full moon rises, the Council calls Raina to the north. Neither Lang nor Utameer know which side she will swear loyalty to and there are forces brewing that do not want her to reach the Council at all.
Whispers of an Avatar fill the thoughts of The Tribes as Warlocks battle among themselves for the position of High King.
The Vanator are hunting a creature from an ancient prophesy…and a finger has already been pointed at Jagur’s Twilight.
The two creatures that the Elements of Water and Air first found in her drunken Twilight Calling now step from the shadows to stand beside Raina, and if need be, carry her in her time of need.
A great betrayal is unmasked, and a friend is proven to be an enemy as multiple plots weave within an ancient temple.
And one love is lost to Raina while another is found…
Now, Raina will have to choose between what is best for her soul and what is best for all Creation within a chaotic Twilight Awakening…”