Little Italy is where no artist starves.


Every day is Sunday at Caffe Italia.


Moving from the cool Northwest to the burning chaparral of Sunny ( emphasis on Sunny ) San Diego leaves my heart missing the rainy laid back afternoons of Seattle and the Cafe’ style of chill  that accompanied the gentle drizzles.

Despite the lack of gray haven, I’ve found the groove of the Cafe’s I love so much here in town, it sits nestled between a Hotel and authentic mouth watering Italian restaurants. You can find the smiling faces of the SD locals offering some of the BEST tea in town.  Just ask for Zac’s special sac and you’ll be refreshed, cooled and ready to go! A zinger of chamomile and magical herbs.

If you’re not in a rush, dashing to your serfdom, stop and check out the menu. You’ll never be hungry!

Their Milano salad is to die for, and for the vegan (like me) you can hold the cheese and still enjoy a leafy green tossed with sweet tangerines and a tingling vingerette.

Caffe Italia offers good Latte’s ( soy options, though I am begging for Hemp milk) food, and a relaxed atmosphere that is worth the trot to down town. It’s located down the street from an art store so if you’re picking up pencils or paper, stop in for a shot or a lunch and enjoy the view.

You might even find me there doing a sketch or two.