Clearing that ‘block’. A bees approach.

Writers block is like any other artistic aliment, it’s mental, but it hurts the entire body. I’ve been there, and have stared, mouth agape drool dripping from one side wondering, why I couldn’t seem to get one simple idea to a peace of canvas, much less my fumbling fingers.

Simple, when I was in a drawing funk, I went and wrote, when neither of those muses wanted anything to do with me, I’d paint, or eventually end up in the garden, watching the bees. I was holding too many expectations, too many ideas at once. I watched the bees,and they made sense.

Bee’s ‘do what they do’ out of pure instinct, muscle memory, then one begins to think about their own aspects of life that are through the same technique.

Art for one is greatly based on muscle memory. The great masters would have their students draw feet, and only feet for a year, perhaps two depending on the Artist. The body learns the art. So I decided to apply it in the manner of a scientific study that was a year or two ago.

In the study they had two sets of golfers. Novice, and professionals. or full time golfers. The First group, the Novices, where at first shouted and hurried during their swings and game.  To no ones real surprise, they did poorly. However, when the pro’s where faced with making quick decisions, and tuned out the crowd through years of training (odd, since golf is a ‘quiet sport’) did well and scored top of the game. A few of the psychologist involved,  weren’t surprised.

Muscle memory deserves a bigger recognition to our survival. Without it, we wouldn’t have sprang out of the way of a curled hissing noodle looking creature.

What does my ape ancestor leaping out of the way to hit a snake on the head with a rock have to do with modern art?

When I force my self to draw quickly, I tend don’t hesitate and take as long with trying to focus on details first, I’m trying to get out as much information with as few strokes as possible. It’s pure instinct, no rigidity, flow.

Perhaps I’m taking an impressionist slant to modern high fantasy art, but I could argue other wise on another day.

Breaking a block of any kind sometimes requires a change. By using charcoal and news print I am able to convey some complicated ideas through a serious of gestures and use of color.

‘Practice makes an artist, talent is what an artist does with practice’.