How not to become a bodice ripper, and still curl toes.

Part I

Unrequited love, romances between maid and knight, a gentle tale of chivalric actions in a bygone era. When times were hard, the men harder, and ladies a ‘gentler’ kind.

I’m an avid reader and will take just about any good story given to me to read. Some perish before my thumb turning in a fort night or two if they are really good. I’ve had the pleasure, and displeasure of reading many genres and flavors of works. Most I couldn’t tell you the name if you asked me.  Novels picked up in a bin here or there. But the one trend I found in most stories, those especially involved with the subject, of love, and the romances that generally follow, is a crippling uncomfortable, painfully written love scene and the awkward conversation, or lack there of following, or proceeding.


I’ve spent a great deal of time on the topic to ensure I didn’t fall into the usual archetypes of romantic interest. personally, and in the written world. Every good tale has a love to tell, and any that don’t should! It’s a natural part of existence and being, loving, loosing, hating and the nurturing, are all emotions we as beings reflect and act upon.

And with this knowledge I braved the passages of writing inter twinning romances amongst those trusted to my pen.  Writing a good love story, amongst War, death, trials and tribulation can be beautiful and deeply touching in the stark contrast of a falling world. It can be done, and done so right can leave a reader feeling refreshed, and changed. And this is where good research ( in-depth reading) and letting cultural inhibitions aside when faced with the glaring white screen/or paper.

To begin, contrast. The greatest recipe for the most powerfully tragic and romantic tales are those of star crossed lovers, pulled apart by, universe, time, death, culture, war,or stubbornness.For example, Aurora is Tribuni, Dux to the Wraith Epona, right hand to the Church, and to the Senate.  She is the Empirical, the Empire. Stoic, sarcastic and stern.

And then we have Siraj, freeman, pirate, warrior caste monk, undaunted love of women, firm, but wily. Crass ‘ancient’. Their age is the first barrier, regardless of her incarnate status, her knowledge of him is only in this life. Their cultures, and caste. Her monogamy versus his polygamy. ( Which brings in Ma’ta, and her involvement as Wraith and her pursuits of Siraj)

Having multiple issues to handle (an or characters love triangles)and balance drama, battle, romance, all the while making a relationship real and tangible enough for readers to grow and favor, or concern over the growth of the love, be for the betterment or bereavement of all involved.

Antagonist and protagonist to the relationship. Some one has to be against or fighting against the relationship. A threshold guardian archetype of relationships. Again this can be for the good or bad. And in the Case of Marcus, he sees himself as trying to save her from her follies, be they ‘ bewitchment of lofty ancient desert majick’ while denying his self interest in the splitting.

So now you have a story of star-crossed lovers, pulled from different worlds to some how come together to fight for the common good while loving and betraying each other all in the same breath. And all the while you are waiting for them to finally succumb to their most basic”Animus-Anima’ needs. A good writer will taunt and tease you with interrupted meetings, close calls, and finally how to write an act of ancient rites with eloquence and a firm pen.