War, Roses, oils and Acrylics

There’s nothing like fresh paint and a new canvas to get the creative synapses firing off in ones sleepy brain. The cover for book five is slowly coming to finish, while book I stares on at me glowering reproachfully in the corner waiting to be finished.

I started on Roar and War in a sketch over a year ago. I roughed out a sketch of Roar and War standing shoulder to shoulder while she pours lamentations to the trees roots, asking for strength and victory on the battle field.

The three Ravens, always somewhere watching, beady gold eyes fixed on their charge below.

This piece is acrylic, simply its cheaper and I work faster. I love oils, there is not competition when it comes to the vibrant colors and the long life of the work. However I paint oils on untreated canvas, which means in the long run, while I produce a fabulous brilliant piece of work, but at great cost, literally and figuratively.

War and Roses is 40X60 on stretched pretreated linen canvas. I have been taking pictures as I work to help document the process and give some pointers toRoar and War acrylic on treated linen 40x60 2010 budding, and current artist.