How a sketch becomes an illustration.

99% of my work is sketched out before its painted. This saves time, heart ache and paint.

The first step, composition. I don’t care how detailed, how surrealistic you are, if you have bad composition, you might as well have not bothered stretching your canvas.

Once you have your rough sketch placed on your canvas,  and you have your guide lines, perspective and placement  you can start to add color. Perspective is very important as in composition. Lay your subjects out in a dynamic balance.

You want the work to be interesting.

I’ve seen novice hit the hammer on the head while many talented seasoned artist seem to miss the fundamentals.

tainted Ink Press CR 2010

Now that I have my sketch done, I can start to add paint.

I usually work general to specific. This means painting the broad subject first.

I won’t rush into paint the highlights in Siraj”s hair until I have many layers of black.

The same goes for Aurora’s armor. I will paint the broader colors, then as the layering stages advance, add highlight.

There is over ten hours of work between this picture and the last. As you can see Roar’s cloak is nearly done, while Siraj’s robe has much work to be done.

The background is slowly starting to come together. Highlights are important, but in the right places.

Here I have layered the reds of Roar’s cloak, and deepened the hues as well.  Both subjects are still well lit, shadows are some of the last things I add, especially to the face.

The background is starting to take shape. I’m going for a late evening ambiance, Windows are bright while the buildings will eventually be dark in contrast.

Details are starting to flush themselves out. You now see detail in Siraj’s robe, the highlights in the scarab, and the tints in Aurora’s eyes are more vibrant.

Color, composition and contrast. Important things to always take into consideration when doing any creative work.

Now there has been another few hours of work put in between pictures. I ditched the bright lit back ground for a darker evening and an ancient tree.

Already Aurora is standing off better, and Siraj’s robe has  become much simpler.