RIP: Frank Frazetta 5.10.10

When you are hidden deep away from the world and its news from an electronic malfunction, though depressing, and morbid as most of it often is, I miss the importance of information passed quickly through the web, amidst the wash of trash.

So a day late and dollar short, I find one of my Artistic Living Hero’s lives no more. At the ripe old age of 82 Frank Frazetta, a quiet master painter; passed away.

Now I know there are far more talented then I to illustrate his life’s work, but let me illuminate his influence on me as a creator, a painter and an artist.

Frank FrazettaIt was through studying Frazetta that I came to understand the human form at its best, and most sensuous. I in my own work never lack curves or muscle for that reason. Frazetta once said ” That’s the point of the Hero, the strongest, best looking, or most beautiful, anything else would be boring.” And I must have agreed to let his work infiltrate my own on such a fundamental level.

His richness of color and use of light inspired me to be brave and hide much of the mastery in shadow and highlight. “Death Dealer” is my favorite in Frazetta’s catalog.

I grew to appreciate shadow and the use of light to show much more, with less stokes. He was a visionary and a pioneer in the fantasy and Science fiction community.  Many artist today owe Frank, and other fantasy brush burners like him a great deal.

Thanks for the works, the inspiration, and the defined beauty that is in all battles.

~May we share your energy!Frank Frazetta