The Wolf behind you.

Tainted ink Press 2009

The “Wolf behind you” Is ball point pen on paper with color pencil. The swords halo was added in CS. This piece is for one of many of the books illustrations. here we have Siraj in the old Bailey catching up with Aurora while dodging the Praetorians.

Dismissive and cool she sends him off with the guard tailing his shadow with the Citadel’s hounds.

Siraj dropped into the yard, standing tall and still he saw a pivoting dancer dodge across the damp yard. Silver and brass reflected in the evening torches. The fallen rain left wide puddles across the cobble stone Bailey. He moved as silent as the cats on the roofs watching the shift in light. Wide sea blues swayed in and out of the fire light, the clang of solid weaponry on a weakening pell.

Her movements smooth, a dancer in leather and steel, her arms damp and long bending the peculiar blade to her will, whittling the hard oak to shreds. Her breath was consistent, focused, long and drawn.

He rested an arm on a flagging stone and watched in his own silence as a maid wilder then any sea he’d claimed swung a sword as if it were a silken scarf on an evening draft. Her red lips tight and drawn, they drew his focus to a never tiring face and wide thrilled teal eyes. His heart wrenched tight in his chest, a cough weakening his resolve,  ducking against the wall,  Siraj heard the pell groan. Peering around the low wall, he  followed the dark stone building to its east side. He was behind her now, and from where he stood, there was no doubt, the eyes, the hair, the lips. And her hips, it was Aurora.