Siraj: Hero/ Shadow trickster

Siraj : The third son of Sette, last King of the Ush`aere,  after a successful coup to usurp the God King, their father,and consequently throwing their ancient nation in to a 300 year long civil war. The Young Siraj is banished by his jealous elder brothers

Totura, Siraj’s mother, and consort to the pharaoh feared for her young son’s life, sends him into the desert to live and be raised by his uncles, Sha of the Ush’aere Jra. The kingdom-less princes.

Siraj is an old flame to the Local Cavalry Commander in the State of Rome,the Lady Aurora Fae Ferrum.

Hero/ trickster
Race: Elf Uresh Berber (Low land desert Tribe)
Land of Origin: Rennon?

Weapon: Saber/ cutlass.
Hand to hand, Hig’ui
Languages Spoken : Tisahy (native) Common, Low, Mid and High.Dwarf, Orc, Troll, Deamon.


Siraj is drawn back to Rome in Book I involuntarily by the need to find the sword of the Al’ci and Hel’s  book of Secrets.