Building a strong character.

We asked C.S Grable on what she thought built a strong, memorable character.

“Depth. That is the MOST important thing about building a character that readers will love. or hate, depending on how you want them viewed.

Its fairly simple to do it right. If you have depth, and I’m talking about interlocking relationships, moods, favorite ice cream, or what sign they fall under, your building a person, not just a character.

When you go to great detail on a back story you make them more believable, and tangible. I’ve gotten several emails about Siraj. Some absolutely loath his selfish drive, and his abusive nature. But then others LOVE him, and I mean…love him.

He does have a caring charismatic nature to him. Down to the corp he’s a gentle creature. But becasue of his “experiences” and life “stories” people can relate to him on a much more deep level. While he is an “Elf” with esoterica gifts, he’s still a man. And as far as the sword is concerned, mortal.

By building his background, from the story of his on inception, to the mundane details of hair, eye, skin color you give readers a visual clue to who he is. but as we all know, beauty is only skin deep. Siraj is far more complicated then other characters say like Max, Aurora’s seneschal.

If you love and hate them, then most people aren’t too far behind you. And if it takes a second read to really get to appreciate and know the character, all the better.”