Writers ‘Block’:One for the mason.

Like Hadrian’s great wall that crossed the ancient green isles of old Britannica, when Picts ravaged the wild and axe wielding savages draped in deer pelts hurtled themselves down the mountains into the once Roman fields. That block, those walls halting them, slowing them just enough to give the Roman’s a vantage to strike and meet their enemies in open combat.

My words, like those unfortunate blue painted ancestors,  are slaughtered before they reach the pale stone.  Why are they trapped at the base of a thousand year old stone rumbling and clamoring over the moss trying to gain a foot hold from my lips to my fingers?

I’ve done some research and have found that creative types such as myself, painters, writers, poets and dancers, all take leave of their creative senses and fall down the rabbit hole of self despair and judgment.

From dysfunctional frontal lobe syndrome ( fancy name for writers block) leaps some explanations: Depression, poor diet, lack of exercise, burn out, or just a lack of ideas. these are some of the causes of writers block.

I stopped writing for four years after I left the navy.

It wasn’t until I had to make an emergency trip to California, did my fickle muse return. I picked up my pen and paper back in 2007, and was faithfully writing everyday, pouring over thousands of pages in my tattered binders up until three moths ago when my life was thrown into disarray from multiple factors. my pen has laid cold, and my books unbent from use. My hands would go numb at the touch of my keyboard. I can hear deep in my mind, my characters mounting up and riding off into the rainy evening, giving me the flying bird on their way out.

What does one due to unlock the block? Call a mason? Call for a cannon? Do we retreat from the wall and return with a ballista and fire upon it with well angled words of discontent?

Other writers had this to say about writer’s block:

  • Writer’s Block happens when you try to do everything at once.

  • Writer’s Block happens when you don’t know enough to begin.
    Writer’s Block happens when you’ve exhausted all the good or original ideas and feel your creativity flagging.

  • Writer’s Block happens due to physical stress, lack of sleep, depression, and bad health.

  • Writer’s Block happens due to mental blocks: fear of failure, fear of success, overbearing inner critic.

  • Writer’s Block happens due to psychological disturbances ranging from neurosis to something scary

I found a few tips that may give us a small inkling on what the hell to do when our brain takes off, and leaves us holding the pen.

“McHugh’s rule of writer’s block: Writer’s block is not the inability to write, it is the feeling as you are writing, that what you are writing is shit. The only way through it is to give yourself permission to write shit. (You may replace ‘shit’ with colorful euphemisms like ‘cow dung’ or even boring ones like ‘crap.’)” — Maureen McHughT

“Here is the concept: first, anyone can write one page a day, so that is my minimum. I write a page of fiction every day no matter what. The kicker is that no one can write just one page, so I usually end up writing more… (One day) I cheated in that I typed in and did some small rewrites on what I’d done in a workshop. I decided that the rule must be firm. No cheating! One page a day no matter what! And it’s been working ever since.” — Ray Vukcevich