Tamb’s Inn ‘The Wet Phish’

Prisma color on heavy paper. 24x36
Prisma color on sketch paper 24x36

This piece was sketched in ball point pen, then colored with Prisma color pencils. Some clean up has been done in CS photo shop.

The scene is set up in Tambassaum’s Inn, the ‘Wet Phish’, Aurora has returned from Bath, inheriting her fathers lands and taking his seat as chieftain upon his death. She’s given the duty of leading the Wraith to Aquila as Escorts for the newly appointed ambassadors.

Siraj, attempting to placate the fiery side of his old flame finds he does nothing but burn himself on her cold disdain. Undaunted by her spurning, he flaunts his classic charm, and flexes his wit; always finding a way to sooth and ease the staunch dragoness.