Yule tide greetings fireAn independent self-publishing artist and writer cooperating with the fellow artist for the sake of cultural and genre growth.

A free for all of the art, writing, story telling, heroics and fantastic chaos abides in the many pages filling the binding of this portal.

A collection of art, (a small library) has been painfully created and gathered for the growth of Roar’s stories.

For a story teller or bard; painting, illustration, and sketching is a fantastic medium in continuing parts of the saga, and moving past writer’s block.

Not only does the drawing help create the story, the paintings alone hold an artistic beauty all in its own right.

Much of the creation through out Tainted Ink Press is a collection of character study, design, concept, and story board.

The writings and tales of Roar all a vision in a single estranged sun soaked mind.

Some of the illustrations are detailed with artistic instruction, while others are left to their own interpretation.

Welcome friend, enjoy the Ink

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